Real Estate Agent

24 March 2021

Who is a real estate consultant and what does he do?
Real estate agents are people who offer professional guidance and mediation to the parties in purchasing business. The real estate consultant conducts market analysis using data-based programs. It constantly monitors the changes in the real estate market and makes a special purchase planning for the demands of the person.

What does a real estate agent do?
The real estate agent can work in real estate sales offices or project offices. It offers options to those who work in real estate sales office businesses who want to purchase from the owned portfolio. Project offices also provide information about the construction project, and sell flats from the project. It fulfills many tasks according to the needs of the parties requesting services from it. The services provided by the real estate agent are as follows:

Provides real estate purchase support
It helps people who want to buy real estate to find a real estate in line with their needs. If there are real estates suitable for the specified conditions, it allows the people who will buy them to visit. It provides information to the people it serves with the opportunities and environmental conditions of the real estate.

Informs about official transactions
There are official transactions that need to be carried out in real estate purchases.
The real estate agent is knowledgeable about the legislation and official transactions.
It provides guidance on issues such as the title deed transfer it serves.

Offers investment consultancy
It provides investment consultancy services to people who want to buy real estate. It provides information about the value of the area where the real estate will be purchased, the depreciation period and the loan rates to be withdrawn. It helps the person who will buy real estate to invest in the right time and location.