Deed Transfer

24 March 2021

How is the deed transfer done?

The transfer of immovable properties is called deed transfer. This situation can be between the buyer and the seller, or the deed transfer can be made due to inheritance from the family or similar reasons.
If you are curious about the title deed fees, the documents required for the transfer process and the process in the land registry office, you can find the necessary information below.

Necessary information for the title deed transfer

Deed transactions are very simple. What you need to do is to complete the documents requested by the land registry office, and then pay this fee and the title deed revolving fund fee.
After these two transactions have taken place, you can start the deed transfer process and complete the process in a day or two.

In order to apply, the buyer and seller must go to the land registry office to which the property is affiliated with the necessary documents.
You can also make your title deed appointment application via alo 181 or e-appointment.

Documents required for the deed transfer

You can find the documents related to its sale below. For up-to-date information, do not forget to check the official Land Registry and Cadastre page.
• Identity card and representation certificate (identity card and representation certificate of the immovable owner and the buyer or his authorized representatives)
• Sales negotiation of the Enforcement Directorate (if the enforcement method is sold)
• Court deliberation (if it was sold through a lawsuit to dissolve the partnership)
• Compulsory earthquake insurance for real estates with building qualifications. A document indicating the real estate tax value received from the relevant municipality.

How much is the title deed transfer cost?

Two payments are required for the title deed transfer. One of them is the title deed fee, the other is the revolving fund fee. Since 2017, there has been a reduction in the residence title deed fee. The residence title deed fee, which was 4% of the total sales price in the past, is paid as 3% from the date of discount. This price is not shared between the buyer and the seller in a way that will be 1.5% - 1.5%. On the other hand, a 4% title deed fee is charged for lands and lands.
As of 2019, the title deed revolving fund fee is 128 lira and an additional service fee of 17.5 lira is charged.

Things to know about deed transfer transactions

• If you make an irregularity on the title deed fee, you may face fines as both a buyer and a seller.
• We recommend you to be at the land registry and cadastre office building where you applied, 15 minutes before your appointment time.
• Both the buyer and the seller must be present during the deed transfer transactions. However, transactions can also be made through proxies with the necessary documents.