Deed of Attorney

24 March 2021

What is the deed of attorney? What should be considered?

He can perform official transactions by someone else on behalf of a person to be given a power of attorney at a notary. Real estate purchase and sale or lease can be made with this document called the power of attorney, which enables the realization of many official transactions. The power of attorney given for the realization of the deed transactions by someone else is called the deed power of attorney.
Each of the real estate buyers, sellers or rents can carry out transactions with a power of attorney.
In addition, if the power of attorney is included in the power of attorney, the person appointed as a proxy may appoint other persons, but the same person cannot be represented as a proxy for both parties.

What are the documents required for the title deed

Deed power of attorney must be given by a notary. The documents that must be submitted to the notary in order to prepare the deed of attorney are as follows;
In real persons:
Identity card or passport of the person who will give the title deed of attorney
• Two passport photos taken within the last six months

In legal persons:

• Authorized person's signature circular
•	Birth certificate
Signed document containing the instructions of the authorized person

In cases where the power of attorney is to be used abroad, the power of attorney must be translated into the language of the relevant country by a sworn translator.

What should be considered when issuing a deed of attorney?

While the title deed is issued at the notary, its scope should be specified in clear expressions such as "real estate sale" or "real estate rental".
When the power of attorney for which transaction is not clearly stated, the land registry and cadastre directorates do not take action.
In addition, it is useful to determine the limits of the power of attorney. For example, the name, parcel or full address information of the real estate where the title deed will be transferred can be included in the power of attorney.
The power of attorney cannot have a specific expiration period if the time is specified in the power of attorney. The powers of attorney whose authority continues can be used again for another transaction within the specified authority limits.
When granting a power of attorney at a notary public, a short time limitation such as "the power of attorney is valid for three months" may be imposed.
If a termination period is not specified, dismissal can be carried out by applying to the land registry office or notary public to terminate the power of attorney.
Once the dismissal is carried out, the person appointed as a proxy cannot perform any action. With the partial dismissal option, it can terminate the authority to perform the determined transactions.

Up to the title deed's power of attorney fee?
Notary power of attorney name fees differ depending on the scope of the power of attorney to be given and the year given. Up-to-date price information can be obtained from the notary public where the transaction will be made.

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